Gold Nuggets – Now Available!

Gold Nugget

Last September we released a special designer variety of the Goldstripe Maroon clownfish called the Goldflake Maroon.   These rare but popular specimens exhibit extra barring and dots.  When we increased our efforts to produce more of these prized fish something unique popped up in our larval tanks – solid white colored clownfish, closely resembling the […]

Love At First Sight

ORA biologists have developed some interesting hybrid fish over the years and today we have another great one, the Blood Orange Clownfish.  This striking fish is the offspring of a female Maroon Clown (Premnas biaculeatus) and Ocellaris Clown (Amphiprion ocellaris). Our part of the story began in 2012 when our good friend Larry Lau from […]

Easter Egg Chalice – Now Available

Easter Egg

ORA is releasing a new 100% aquacultured chalice coral in conjunction with MACNA 2013 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  The ORA Easter Egg isn’t your average “chop shopped” chalice coral that was shipped in from the wild and cut into dozens of pieces the following week.  We have spent three years culturing this awesome pink and […]

The Black Neon Dottyback – Another ORA First

If you are at MACNA 2013 in Fort Lauderdale this weekend be sure to stop by our booth to check out our newest fish, the Black Neon Dottyback.  This fish is the result of crossing a Neon Dottyback and a Springeri Dottyback.  No easy task as these piscine pitbulls are particularly pugnacious.  ORA was first […]

Black Snowflake Update

Black Snow

Since we first introduced the ORA Black Snowflake in the  fall of 2011  we have focused our efforts on increasing production   As a result, ORA  Black Snowflakes are now being offered in two grades similar to our Snowflake varieties; Regular and Premium.  Each regular grade Black Snowflake possesses unique patterns of white atop a black […]