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Damselfish have always been a staple and bittersweet element of the marine aquarium hobby. They are usually priced inexpensively. They are extremely abundant in the wild and in local fish stores. They are used, often incorrectly, as starter fish for cycling a new aquarium. In some species, their extreme aggression has emptied entire aquariums of peaceful fish except for one lonely, angry Damsel. They are renowned for their ability to survive in less than ideal conditions and often, due to their low price and easy availability, are seen as “expendable”. Despite their disposable perception, ORA firmly believes that this family of fish deserves to have an aquacultured alternative to wild collection. We have focused solely on species that display fantastic coloration and yet are mild in temperament. We hope these tiny little reef fish find a new appreciation from aquarists not as something to just endure the ammonia cycle, but become long lived and appreciated members of your home aquarium.