Vargas Cespitularia Now Available


ORA is happy to announce the availability of our newest soft coral, Vargas Cespitularia.  This hardy and fast growing coral is not only unique among soft corals, but it also has a great story.  Two years ago Tony Vargas gave us a couple of frags to work with, and while they thrived, we were never quite sure about its identity.  This coral was originally believed to be an Efflatounaria species but as we all know, determining the identity of a Xeniid can be extremely difficult.

In an attempt to shed some light on this mystery, we sent samples of this coral along with some of the other Cespitularia varieties we grow to an expert.   Michael Janes of AquaTouch in Arizona provided his analysis.  To read more about this coral and to read Michael’s paper, please visit Vargas Cespitularia product page.