Lost and Found

Three years ago Brian from Ocean Gallery II in New Jersey imported a beautiful pair of young clownfish from the Solomon Islands.  Upon arrival there was some uncertainty about their identity.  It was unclear if they were Amphiprion leucokranos or Amphiprion thiellei but as they grew older it became apparent that they were in fact […]

Site Update

Site Update

We have just completed a few small changes to the site. – All of our product pages now have navigation tabs above the image to the right of the title.  These tabs will allow you to scroll through the products in a given category without having to repeatedly use the back button. – Social Media […]

Grube’s Gorgonian – New From ORA


ORA is proud to offer a new soft coral from our collection, Grube’s Gorgonian (Pinnigorgia flava). Grube’s (pronounced Grooba’s) Gorgonian is a graceful, thin-branched octocoral that can be described as tan to pink in color with similarly colored polyps. We obtained this coral from Julian Sprung and we’ve been impressed by its hardiness and rapid growth. […]

Kelly Green Psammocora – Now Available

Kelly Green Psammocora

Kelly Green Psammocora from ORA is an intense green branching coral from the Psammocora genus.  These corals are sometimes referred to as sandpaper corals because of the fine grainy appearance they have when their polyps are not extended.   When its polyps are fully extended Kelly Green Psammocora has a rich velvety look.  This is one […]

Important Announcement


We are excited to announce that as of June 30, 2011, Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums (ORA) and its affiliate Marshall Islands Mariculture Farm (MIMF) are under new ownership.  The brand and operations you have come to respect and trust are not changing.  In fact, we are committed to continuing ORA’s mission to research and produce, […]