ORA Vehicles

We are experts when it comes to shipping premium, aquacultured products on a global scale. We take advantage of the excellent FedEx, UPS, and airline freight shipping networks to ensure our products arrive quickly and in perfect health. Our experienced staff has an intimate understanding of efficient shipping practices and will find a way to get you the fish and corals you need, when you need them.

Domestic Customers: ORA utilizes FedEx Standard Overnight shipping for almost all domestic shipments. Using FedEx allows us to offer competitive flat rates, excellent shipment tracking, and the best customer service should an issue arise.

Florida Customers: ORA Partners in the state of Florida are able to take advantage of cost effective UPS Ground shipping rates (except in the panhandle) or our ORA Local Delivery. Our fleet of delivery vehicles is always on the road, providing no-cost delivery to customers within 150 miles of our Fort Pierce facility. Delivery schedules may vary from week to week, please ask our sales office for further details.

Domestic airline freight can also be used under special circumstances, please inquire for more information.

International Customers: International shipments are sent via airline freight exclusively from the following airports:

PBI – Palm Beach International Airport
FLL – Fort Lauderdale International Airport
TPA – Tampa International Airport
MCO – Orlando International Airport
MIA – Miami International Airport

Each destination country has unique documentation and shipping requirements. Please have your country’s required information (health certificates, box contents, etc.) ready for our staff as this will significantly decrease the lead time for international orders. Every animal that leaves the ORA facility is guaranteed to arrive alive and in perfect health. We employ real-time destination weather data during packaging of our insulated styrofoam shipping boxes. All bags are heat sealed or clipped to ensure leak free arrival. Heat or cold packs ensure the appropriate temperature during transport.