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ORA Two-Barred Rabbitfish

We have maintained Two-Barred Rabbitfish broodstock at ORA since 2015.  One morning, in early May of 2019, we noticed several thousand prolarvae drifting throughout our a broodstock tank.  We captured approximately 500 of these tiny fish and we set out on raising them.  The prolarvae did well on our zooplankton feeding regimen.  After metamorphosis, the […]

ORA Brings back the Gigas Clam

After a hiatus of over a decade, ORA re-introduces the magnificent and highly sought after Gigas clam back into the hobby! These incredible clams can reach huge sizes in the wild. In the home aquarium, they add an impressive visual impact that elevates the natural look of your reef tank. Juvenile Gigas clams are available […]

ORA Black Storm Clownfish

With the release of the ORA Black Storm, we are also releasing the ORA Snow Storm! Composed of similar genetics, these fish lack most of the dramatic black patterning and instead showcase a pearlescent white body. Dark black eyes and black tipped fins complete the look on this beautiful new designer clownfish variety. As the […]

The surprising possibilities of a GoldXLightning Maroon

Designer Clownfish popularity remains strong, with surges of interest each time a new variety is announced to hobbyists. To date, most tinkering of clownfish genetics has occurred within the Amphiprion percula and ocellaris complex, but the way things are panning out for ORA, there will be some exciting developments coming from Premnas biaculeatus before long. […]

Lightning Strikes at ORA

The wait is over!  Lightning Maroons are now available from ORA! If you’ve been waiting for the perfect centerpiece pair of clownfish for your home aquarium, ask for the ORA Lightning Maroon. Now available nationwide at an aquarium store near you. Need help finding our fish locally? Give us a call! This spectacular designer clownfish […]