Marshall Islands Mariculture Farm

ORA owns and operates a Giant Clam Hatchery in the Marshall Islands. The Marshall Islands Mariculture Farm (MIMF) is located on the island of Majuro. In addition to several species of Giant Clams, MIMF also produces a variety of hard and soft corals. The Marshall Islands are a long way from our Florida facility but the availability of broodstock and a site able to accommodate large aquaculture systems make this location ideal for clam production. ORA acquired the farm in late 2003, and has continuously been improving and upgrading the facility’s systems.

The clam farm operates with open flow grow-out systems in which fresh seawater is continuously pumped through. The clams are kept under shaded sunlight and are supplied supplemental nutrients for growth, color and health. Some of the most spectacular color variations of T. maxima come from the Marshall Islands. We often have turquoise, electric green and purple patterned T. maximas in stock. Occasionally we also get a few of the rare Black and White “Zebra” clams in.

Over the past several years, ORA and MIMF have expanded their local outreach in The Marshall Islands and the surrounding areas by working with other coral farms and training people to grow corals and clams for the aquarium trade. Many of the Marshall Island, MIMF or Micronesian corals we sell were grown by local families who have cages in the lagoons in front of their homes. Additionally we supply farmers with supplies to grow clams in cages. On some smaller islands, Giant Clams and Corals have grown to the number one export, beating out Copra (dried coconut meat).

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