Black Snowflake Update

Black Snow

Since we first introduced the ORA Black Snowflake in the  fall of 2011  we have focused our efforts on increasing production   As a result, ORA  Black Snowflakes are now being offered in two grades similar to our Snowflake varieties; Regular and Premium.  Each regular grade Black Snowflake possesses unique patterns of white atop a black base color.  The same is true for the Premium grade fish, however, Premium Black Snowflakes will exhibit additional sought-after traits such as greater amounts of white, more extreme patterns and/or “swiss cheese” dots or holes in the white areas.

Regardless of the grade, these fish will reach market with nearly saturated black coloration that will only improve with time and good husbandry.  It took many years of selective breeding to produce these unique fish and, we are extremely proud to be offering these dramatically attractive clowns to our dealers at new lower prices.

Contact your local dealer for details on making an ORA Black Snowflake one of your captive reef’s newest residents.

Check out the Black Snowflake page and the Premium Black Snowflake page.  You can also read more about them in our first blog article.