How’s My Swimming?

Part 1 of 2.

What’s black, white and orange and looks “funny” driving down the highway?  ORA’s new Clownmobile.

A couple of months ago we retired our trusty clownfish chariot, a 2001 Ford Econoline van.  After 10 years of of airport runs and a few too many gallons of spilled saltwater it was time to put her out to pasture.  We were ready for something new, something more fuel efficient, something more. . . fun.   We already had a Dodge Sprinter van so it made sense to get something smaller for the days when we didn’t have a full load of boxes.  After much deliberation we decided on a Ford Transit Connect.

So there we were with a stark white canvas and minds full of ideas.  Should we just do a simple logo like our old van?  Maybe we should cover it in a photo-realistic reef scene?  How about a giant clownfish?  Wait, a giant clownfish, that would be great!  People would surely get a kick out of seeing something like that drive down the road.  Our minds wandered as we envisioned the Mutt Cuts mobile from Dumb and Dumber with a fin, instead of a leg covering the gas filler.

We spent hours laughing and having fun thinking about things like bubbles blowing out of the tail pipe, but eventually we tamed down our ideas and went with a cartoonish and somewhat abstract clownfish pattern on the sides.  We spoke to a number of vehicle wrap companies and eventually wound up going with in Davie Florida.  We were curious about the application process but the installation location was almost two hours away so we didn’t get to see it happening.  Robert at Car Wrap Solutions was kind enough to shoot some video for us but it will be about a week before we can get it online.  Stay tuned for that in part 2 of this article.

You can see this thing from a mile away and boy does it turn heads and produce smiles.  Florida residents, keep an eye out for it!