New! Spotnape Cardinals (Apogon notatus)


Unless you find yourself diving off the coast of Japan regularly, chances are you have never heard of the Spotnape cardinalfish (Apogon notatus). Rarer still would be the opportunity to look at an aquarium full of captive bred, juvenile Spotnape cardinals. Not much of a show stopper when compared to its striking cousins, this rare little fish makes up for its subtle appearance with a zest for eating. Eating all the time.

With subdued silvery, rose gold colors and its namesake spot just behind its eye, this cardinal reaches a robust adult size of close to 4″. A social fish, they will form schools above rocky out croppings in shallow lagoons from Japan, south to Australia. We had never seen this species before so we didn’t know what to expect before it arrived in our quarantine facility.  The internet could only provide limited information about this species, let alone pictures, so our excitement focused on what it would take to spawn such a mysterious little fish. As we worked with the larvae through metamorphosis and into swimming schools of juveniles, we found that despite the rather muted coloration this fish has a charming personality. A dazzling fish when seen in large numbers, as adults they make the perfect  fish for semi aggressive fish only aquariums or large reef tanks.

You now have the opportunity to choose which direction ORA will go, should we continue to raise this fish or should we focus our attention on other species? Check our Facebook page and place your vote!

ORA Spotnape Cardinal Group