Whitespotted Pygmy Filefish (Rudarius ercodes)

ORA Whitespotted Pygmy Filefish

Found naturally in waters around Japan and south to Taiwan, the ORA Whitespotted Pygmy Filefish is an exciting addition to our expansive collection of captive bred animals. Typically hidden in temperate waters surrounded by macroalgaes and sea grass beds, this diminutive filefish only reaches a maximum length of 3 inches. They have the amazing ability to adjust their coloration and patterns depending on their surroundings, from distinctly spotted to solid shades of green. Continue reading

Orbic Cardinal (Sphaeramia orbicularis)

ORA Orbic Cardinal

ORA continues to overcome the challenges associated with commercial scale production of captive bred marine fish. We were the first to tackle the entire Assessor genus with the production of the Yellow, Randall’s and Blue Assessor. With the Orbic Cardinal and Pajama Cardinal, we’ve now completed the entire Sphaeramia genus. Continue reading

White Bonnet Clownfish Now Available From ORA


The ORA White Bonnet Clownfish story begins nearly 15 years ago. Over the years we have acquired numerous White Bonnet clownfish in an effort to create harmonious pairs but our success was limited.  At one point we even had eggs from a spawning pair in Texas shipped to us, but we never found success raising this species.

Our luck all changed in 2012 Continue reading

Blue Polyp Capricornis Now Available From ORA


ORA is continuing to expand our inventory of beautiful and unique corals for the home aquarium. Our newest addition is the ORA Blue Polyp Cap, a spectacular plating Montipora variety. Check out our product page for more information!



Experimenting with Priolepis unlocks the mysteries of the genus

Developing new species of aquacultured marine life comes with welcomed challenges to ORA.  We work tirelessly to maintain commercial scale production on hundreds of varieties of aquacultured animals while researching and raising a steady stream of new species.  Unfortunately, not every new species we raise is a good candidate for commercial ornamental aquaculture. Sometimes we keep these species a secret, like the first Pseudoplesiops wassi we raised last year (not a secret anymore now is it?).  However, this next one was too cool to keep under wraps. Continue reading

New! Spotnape Cardinals (Apogon notatus)


ORA Spotnape Cardinal

Unless you find yourself diving off the coast of Japan regularly, chances are you have never heard of the Spotnape cardinalfish (Apogon notatus). Rarer still would be the opportunity to look at an aquarium full of captive bred, juvenile Spotnape cardinals. Not much of a show stopper when compared to its striking cousins, this rare little fish makes up for its subtle appearance with a zest for eating. Eating all the time. Continue reading

The Masked Goby (Coryphopterus personatus): Raising finicky larvae of an otherwise hardy species.




Taking on projects with the goal of raising new species of ornamental marine fish is a vital component of the daily operations at ORA.  Recently we have focused our efforts on the Masked Goby, a species with a reputation for being hardy, peaceful, showy and a great choice for today’s popular nano tanks.  The Masked Goby may be new to us, but they were first raised by Todd Gardner in the late 1990’s.

Continue reading

It’s Customer Appreciation Week At ORA

Thank You

ORA recognizes what it takes to run a retail store, in fact our sales staff has more than 22 years of combined experience in the Local Fish Store.  We know that business owners have many choices in livestock suppliers. Without the loyalty of so many of our customers, ORA would not be able to bring the level of quality and diversity we offer today. As we partner with the local fish store, our combined efforts have reduced the impact of wild collection, and strengthened our ability to produce additional aquacultured animals to release into the hobby. As we move forward in 2014, everyone here at ORA would like to take the time during the week of April 7th to say thank you to all the wonderful customers we are so proud to partner with.

Your support has not gone unnoticed. Dealers, please check your inboxes or call for details. A special thank you is waiting.

April Fool’s! The Real Story Behind Those Awesome Cookies

ORA Cookies

In February of 2013, Jason Langer outed himself to the world as having mastered the art of baking aquatic animal cookies. Using a combination of skills involving color theory, metal works and generations of kitchen recipes, Jason literally baked himself into notoriety. No marine fish was off limits: exact copies of Peppermint Angels, Harlequin Tusks and Yasha Hasha gobies, all in edible cookie form. Fast forward to March of 2014, ORA reached out to Jason to see what he could create using our fish as a template. He didn’t disappoint.

Continue reading

A New Flavor For ORA

Plate of cookies

As pioneers in developing new species and varieties of marine fish, ORA is no stranger to controversy. With global trends in edible pets rapidly expanding beyond your typical house pet, we have decided to halt production of any animal not deemed  “easy to chew.” Continue reading