ORA Two-Barred Rabbitfish

We have maintained Two-Barred Rabbitfish broodstock at ORA since 2015.  One morning, in early May of 2019, we noticed several thousand prolarvae drifting throughout our a broodstock tank.  We captured approximately 500 of these tiny fish and we set out on raising them.  The prolarvae did well on our zooplankton feeding regimen.  After metamorphosis, the juveniles accepted macroalgae and algae-based commercial feeds. As far as we have been able to research, this is the first time Siganus virgatus has been raised in captivity! To date, the Two-Barred Rabbitfish has shown the fastest growth from any fish we have ever raised at ORA.

We are excited to introduce this species first to aquarists and expect to see success with other popular ornamental Rabbitfish species in the future!

You can learn more about them here.