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Happy Huladays from ORA


Here at ORA we take pride in our successes with raising novel species.  There are many species of fishes which, for one reason or another, are uncommon in the marine ornamental trade.  Sometimes a fish’s scarcity is justified (large maximum size, feeding and temperature requirements, cryptic nature, collection areas off limits, etc.) and other times […]

Coming Soon – Randall’s Assessors from ORA

It is rare to find an entire genera of reef fishes extremely well-suited to live in an aquarium, but Devilfish (Assessor spp.) make great aquarium residents for several reasons.  Their maximum length of 3 to 4” makes them suitable for most sizes of aquariums.  They aren’t overly aggressive with other species or conspecifics and can […]

Hybrid Cleaner Gobies Are Back

Hybrid Goby

Many years ago, ORA’s marine biologists wondered what would happen if they crossed two of ORA’s most popular Goby species: the Yellowline goby (Elacatinus figaro) and Neon goby (E. oceanops).  You can see from the photo that the results were spectacular.  These hybrids have a stripe coloration that starts off as a yellow hue near the head and transitions like […]