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Grube’s Gorgonian – New From ORA


ORA is proud to offer a new soft coral from our collection, Grube’s Gorgonian (Pinnigorgia flava). Grube’s (pronounced Grooba’s) Gorgonian is a graceful, thin-branched octocoral that can be described as tan to pink in color with similarly colored polyps. We obtained this coral from Julian Sprung and we’ve been impressed by its hardiness and rapid growth. […]

Kelly Green Psammocora – Now Available

Kelly Green Psammocora

Kelly Green Psammocora from ORA is an intense green branching coral from the Psammocora genus.  These corals are sometimes referred to as sandpaper corals because of the fine grainy appearance they have when their polyps are not extended.   When its polyps are fully extended Kelly Green Psammocora has a rich velvety look.  This is one […]

Coral Fluorescence Photos

Last spring Charlie Mazel from NightSea came to visit ORA and he brought his specialty camera equipment with him.  NightSea specializes in viewing and photography equipment that reveals the hidden dimension of fluorescence in corals and other subjects. Charlie’s camera setup had a special excitation filter for the external flash that converted it from a source of white […]

ORA releases Ponape Birdsnest

The Ponape Birdsnest from ORA is a beautifully colored compact growing Seriatopora variety. The short, thin branches are light green with stunning pink tips and the corallites are pronounced giving the branches a bumpy texture. The polyps of this coral are small and not very noticeable, similar to the polyps of the ORA Pink and […]