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Coral Fluorescence Photos

Last spring Charlie Mazel from NightSea came to visit ORA and he brought his specialty camera equipment with him.  NightSea specializes in viewing and photography equipment that reveals the hidden dimension of fluorescence in corals and other subjects. Charlie’s camera setup had a special excitation filter for the external flash that converted it from a source of white […]

Our first new species of 2011


It’s not often that we get the opportunity to raise a new invertebrate species but this one just fell into our lap. The Variegated Sea Urchin (Lytechinus variegates) is the 85th  species that we have added to our ever expanding list of captive breeding accomplishments.  Yes, you read that right, we really have raised 85 different […]



We have gotten the impression that people think we are a bit crazy for trying to sell dried sponges. They may not be for everyone but ORA is always looking for ways to support aquaculture both domestically and abroad.  Just so people don’t think we are entering the curio trade, allow us provide you with […]

ORA releases Ponape Birdsnest

The Ponape Birdsnest from ORA is a beautifully colored compact growing Seriatopora variety. The short, thin branches are light green with stunning pink tips and the corallites are pronounced giving the branches a bumpy texture. The polyps of this coral are small and not very noticeable, similar to the polyps of the ORA Pink and […]