The Yellowstriped Cardinalfish (Ostorhinchus cyanosoma) has a silver background color with bright orange-yellow stripes running down the length of its body.   Their eyes and nape fade into a black color. They achieve a maximum size of approximately 3 inches.  This species is also known as the Orange Line Cardinal and was formerly classified as Apogon cyanosoma.

This species has many classic Cardinalfish characteristics.  They are paternal mouthbrooders and prefer to live in small groups.  Like most other Apogonidae species they are peaceful fishes that don’t pose a threat to other reef aquarium inhabitants, with the exception of very small shrimps. This makes Yellowstriped Cardinalfish ideal candidates for almost every type of community reef aquarium.

The Yellowstriped Cardinalfish is a rather challenging species to produce making its availability very limited.