Bring home the Original ORA Picasso

Introducing the second feature in our Karen Talbot series of ORA Originals. This release highlights one of the most popular and enduring designer clownfish varieties ever: the Picasso percula clownfish. Originating from a single wild caught fish in 2004, ORA began working to replicate the bizarre and swirled stripe patterns and bring them into commercial production. Now, twelve years later we celebrate this amazingly unique designer clownfish with its very own line of super soft t shirts and gorgeous, colorful posters. The image you see here is a reproduction of that exact first fish, beautifully represented with water color and pencil by renowned artist Karen Talbot.

Visit the ORA Shop today and be a part of the ORA Picasso story!  Shirts are available here, and posters here.

You can read more about our Picasso Clownfish here.

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Original Wild ORA Picasso
Original Wild ORA Picasso Clownfish