ORA Kamohara Blenny

There are an untold number of marine fish that go unappreciated for their beauty and behavior due to the challenging nature of their collection or the remoteness of their habitat. With a keen eye for such fish, ORA has sought out such animals and worked to bring them to a broader audience. Our newest release, the Kamohara Fang Blenny is an exquisite example of just that fish. This elongated black and white blenny is endemic to the shallow waters off the subtropical, southern coasts of Japan. The Kamohara blenny is common in Japan but almost incomprehensibly rare in the international aquarium hobby, we believe that the majority of wild specimens in the United States are members of the ORA Broodstock Program. But not anymore.

The Kamohara Fang Blenny is temperate species, naturally experiencing temperature fluctuations from 60-80 degrees each year. We have successfully spawned and raised this fish in tropical temperatures that exceed 80 degrees. Their tolerance for a wide variety of temperature ranges makes them suitable for both the typical marine aquarium and temperate tanks that are growing in popularity.  With their prominent black and white patterns and Meiacanthus charm, the ORA Kamohara Fang Blenny begins shipping out worldwide next week.

We would like to thank Koji Wada for collecting our broodstock in August of 2013.  You can see a photo of him in action here on Reefbuilders.

Check out the species profile page here.