Pink Spotted Watchman Gobies

Pink Spotted Watchman Goby

We are adding another new goby species to our list this week.  This fish has several common names in the hobby including: Pink and Blue Spotted Goby, Singapore Shrimp Goby, Leptocephalus Prawn Goby….ORA chose to stick with the Pink Spotted Watchman Goby as its official title.  This interesting little fish prefers loose coral rubble and sandy substrates to construct it’s burrows. They will share their home with members of the opposite sex, or a select few species of sightless crustaceans known as pistol shrimp.

As a known jumper this fish is best kept under a tight lid. It eats an assortment of aquarium food fare and provides the aquarist with a tough, attractive addition to their home aquarium.

This goby is a bit unique in its spawning behavior.  The Yellow Watchman Goby and the Blue Fin Watchman Goby both produce an egg mass that hangs from the top of their burrow like a chandelier.  We were surprised to see that the Pink Spotted Watchman Goby individually adheres its eggs to the substrate much like a clownfish does.

The Pink Spotted Watchman Goby begins shipping next week.  Availability will remain irregular into late 2015 as more pairs come online.  Read more on our species profile page here.