It’s Customer Appreciation Week At ORA

Thank You

ORA recognizes what it takes to run a retail store, in fact our sales staff has more than 22 years of combined experience in the Local Fish Store.  We know that business owners have many choices in livestock suppliers. Without the loyalty of so many of our customers, ORA would not be able to bring the level of quality and diversity we offer today. As we partner with the local fish store, our combined efforts have reduced the impact of wild collection, and strengthened our ability to produce additional aquacultured animals to release into the hobby. As we move forward in 2014, everyone here at ORA would like to take the time during the week of April 7th to say thank you to all the wonderful customers we are so proud to partner with.

Your support has not gone unnoticed. Dealers, please check your inboxes or call for details. A special thank you is waiting.