A New Flavor For ORA


As pioneers in developing new species and varieties of marine fish, ORA is no stranger to controversy. With global trends in edible pets rapidly expanding beyond your typical house pet, we have decided to halt production of any animal not deemed  “easy to chew.”It’s because of this, many in the industry may find our new product line in poor taste. Rest assured, they taste excellent.  We have chosen to radically change our business model so we can get in on the ground floor of this emerging market.

Our first attempts at an edible pet line weren’t always so successful: in early 2013 we developed the ORA Peppermint Angel Biscuit. While our wild caught specimens survived the rigors of quarantine, they fared poorly during the baking process and the survivors were difficult to work with during frosting. We had to discontinue this product even before we could release it to our customers.

Since those early obstacles, we have rolled out additional, easily digestible species of fish for even the most discerning palate. These fish won’t be for everyone, some of our older customers still prefer fax machines and fish that move. We just happen to see the future.

The incredibly delicious future.

Due to their popularity we have started the transition with Clownfish, check out the new product line here: