ORA now distributing Coral Smoothie™ from AlgaGen

Coral Smoothie

ORA is pleased to announce that we will be distributing Coral Smoothie™ a brand new product from AlgaGen.

Coral Smoothie™ was designed specifically for feeding corals and we expect it to become popular with the growing Non-Photosynthetic (NPS) crowd.  It combines a myriad of coral food items into an easy to use bottle with a 6 month shelf life.   Coral Smoothie™ isn’t just for corals though, fish and invertebrates will go crazy for it’s high quality ingredients.

ORA is adding Coral Smoothie™ to it’s list of other quality products from AlgaGen including ReefPods™, PhycoPure™, and DECAP’D BRINE™.

Coral Smoothie PDF