ORA Aquacultured Sponge

Treat yourself to a luxurious experience at every bath time. This natural sea sponge will gently clean and massage, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. So soft and gentle this sponge is safe for bathing the skin of newborn infants.

This remarkable natural product is extremely absorbent and durable. The unique structure of this sponge will create a rich lather, while not retaining any odor, making it an essential accessory for the shower or tub.

Nature has created this sponge for you with a unique shape and size. Each sponge is grown and harvested in an ecologically and environmentally friendly method on organic farms. Unlike other sponges, no harsh chemicals are used in the processing of this product.

Known as the “Emerald Isle of the Pacific” because of its dense rainforest and pristine lagoon, Pohnpei, Micronesia is one of the remotest islands in the world. Its crystal clear, coral fringed waters provide and ideal location for sponge farming, a practice that complements the artisinal fishing practices, traditional culture, and lifestyle of Pohnpei’s people. Your purchase helps maintain an environmentally sustainable livelihood for the people of Micronesia.

Update  1/31/2011 – Check out this post for photos of the farm and a little more information about sponge farming in Micronesia.