Clownfish License Plates


Check out all of our new ORA themed Aquaculture license plates!

These colorful specialty plates are available exclusively to Florida vehicle owners.    The Aquaculture plate, designed by renowned marine wildlife artist and conservationist Guy Harvey, is one of the 120 different license plate designs available in the Sunshine State.  Each plate raises funds for a particular group or cause.   In the case of the Aquaculture plate the funds support the Harbor Branch-FAU Aquaculture and Stock Enhancement Program.  As a private company, ORA does not receive any proceeds from the sale of the plate.

More information from Harbor Branch – FAU

The Florida Aquaculture plate costs an additional $30 per year ($25 annual tax-deductible donation and $5 annual state fee.) In addition to the annual fee, you will pay a one-time plate charge of $28 for your new plate, unless it’s time to replace your license plate.


License plate revenue supports the Harbor Branch-FAU Aquaculture and Stock Enhancement Program in four primary areas: fish aquaculture, molluscan aquaculture, aquatic animal health, and education. Much of the work is directed toward improving the productivity, efficiency, and sustainability of aquaculture.


Project goals include advancing the efficiency of fish aquaculture systems, optimizing culture of the Florida apple snail to restore populations to enhance survival of the endangered Florida snail kite, examining alternate clam species to diversify the product base of Florida shellfish farmers, and characterizing elevated levels of copper and zinc in queen conch in the Florida Keys. Aquaculture license plate funds also support the Program’s Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory, which investigates health and disease issues of aquaculture species, including how ecological changes impact health, reproduction, and recruitment.