New ORA Website

New Web Design

After years of promises, the new Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums website is finally up.  All of our products can be found on the site along with detailed descriptions.  Our web designer has created a simple yet elegant layout that should display well on most modern browsers and web enabled devices.

ORA retailers and distributors around the world can finally put a face to the name of the hundreds of products we offer. We hope that all of our hard work benefits both new and experienced hobbyists looking to learn more about our products.

We are especially excited about two new features.  The first is our Blog.  We will be using this to communicate and interact with the aquarium community at large.  By visiting the ORA Blog you will be kept up to date with our latest products and developments.  You are free to comment on our posts so long as you are a registered Facebook, Twitter or Disqus user.  Our retailers should note that this means we will no longer be producing our monthly newsletter ORA News.  The second feature is online ordering.  Yes retailers, you read that right.  We may be on the cutting edge of the Ornamental Aquaculture but we didn’t offer online ordering until 2011!  Like always, ORA is wholesale only and this feature will not be available for hobbyist use.  Retail stores interested in using our online ordering portal must first contact our sales office to get their account setup.

Like any website, this is a work in progress.  In the coming months we will be working to make site navigation more fluid, add in multiple ORA photos for each product and enable user submitted photographs.

We hope you enjoy the website!