Often referred to as the Scooter Blenny this small, mottled fish is actually a member of the dragonet family. Their distinct swimming style and very personable eyes have made them one of the most popular marine aquarium fish.  They are often seen scooting around rockwork and sandbeds perching on their oversized pelvic fins and picking at tiny crustaceans. Scooters are very passive eaters, and will not join your other fish at the surface to greedily eat flake foods. Our aquacultured specimens were raised on a diet of pelleted food and are better adapted for your aquarium than their wild counterparts. In the home aquarium they will consume small pellets and small frozen mysis shrimp from the bottom of the tank.

Scooter Dragonets reach a max size of just 3” The sexes can be easily determined by observing the dorsal fins: in females it will be very small and subtle, but in males it will be exceptionally impressive when in full display. Like a huge, vibrant sail, the males dorsal fin is colored with dramatic stripes and ocellations or eye spots. If interested in keeping more than one in your aquarium, they should be introduced at the same time with 2 to 3 females per male.

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