Similar to the Scooter Dragonet, the Red Scooter (Synchiropus stellatus) improves upon the mottled brown and white patterns with distinct shades of red and burgundy. Known also as the Stellate or Starry Dragonet, these colorful little fish are not actually blennies as they are commonly called. Our aquacultured fish are raised on pellets but will continue to eat small worms and “pods” as well as prepared foods like frozen mysis and frozen artemia in the home aquarium. Dragonets are passive eaters so it is important that food be presented to them in such a way they don’t have to compete with other more aggressive species of fish.

The sexes can be easily determined by observing the dorsal fins: in females it will be very small and subtle, but in males it will be exceptionally impressive when in full display. Like a huge, vibrant sail, the male’s dorsal fin is adorned with dramatic stripes and eye spots. They use this dorsal fin to attract potential female mates and to intimidate competing males.  In aquariums males can be observed extending their dorsal fin in dramatic courtship displays to their female interests for an hour or so before the lights go out. This species can be kept singly, in male/female pairs or a single male with a harem of females.

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The Red Scooter Dragonet and the Ruby Red Scooter Dragonet are two different fish.  The Ruby Red is relatively new to the hobby and does not have a Latin name yet.  You can read more about our work with the Ruby Red Dragonet here.