The Red Sea Mimic Blenny (Escenius gravieri) is a species of algae-eating blenny that is very well suited to life in an aquarium. Red Sea Mimic Blennies use Batesian mimicry to protect themselves from would-be predators by convincing the predator that they are one of the venomous Meiacanthids (Meiacanthus nigrolineatus), whose coloration is very similar. In our experience, these mimics have even more intense and attractive color than the Blackline Fang Blenny which we also raise. 

These personable little mimics are extremely rare in the hobby and often only find their way through the collection channels when they’ve accidentally been collected as the species they mimic. Their beauty and scarcity has made them a “Holy Grail” fish for some hobbyists. Red Sea Mimic Blennies are useful aquarium residents that help to keep unwanted algae growth under control. This species can be somewhat territorial towards conspecifics, as they pose a threat to their algae garden food source, but if a pair is obtained they usually live harmoniously in an ample sized aquarium. These fish make great community tank residents when kept well fed, hungry individuals have been known to nip at corals.

The Red Sea Mimic Blenny is the first member of the genus Escenius to be bred in captivity.  Read more about them on the ORA Blog here: