Randall’s Assessors are the little known third member of the Assessor genus.   These beautiful, peaceful fish prefer calm, community aquariums with large amounts of rock work and overhangs. Like their Yellow and Blue counterparts they often exhibit the upside down swimming behavior that the Assessor family is so well known for.

Randall’s Assessors are occasionally collected in Japan but are almost never imported into the United States making them one of the rarest fish in hobby.  ORA was fortunate to obtain enough broodstock from Blue Harbor in Japan to start a successful breeding program in 2012.

Assessors represent a number of ORA “firsts” that we are truly proud of.  Our skilled biologists were first to raise the Yellow Assessor, the Blue Assessor and now the Randall’s Assessor.  We think this makes us first to raise an entire genus of marine aquarium fish, albeit a small one!

We have observed that the color of these Assessors looks most intense under whiter light and these fish will be most colorful when they feel comfortable in the aquarium.  Their coloration changes dramatically with the viewing angle as well.  ORA  Assessor randalli will reach an approximate size of 3 inches and should be fed meaty foods frequently.

Check out our video of juvenile Randall’s Assessors here.

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