The ORA Radial Filefish or Radial Leatherjacket is a striking example of adaptation and camouflage. Hidden among the pulsing polyps of xenia, juveniles are almost invisible with their perfectly matched stripes and lines. Their vivid pattern remains even through adulthood, providing aquarists a remarkable and eye catching addition to their home aquarium. The Radial Filefish is native to the Western Pacific from the northern coast of Australia up through the Ryukyu Islands of Japan and throughout Indonesia west to New Caledonia. They are peaceful in nature towards other species and remain small, only reaching about 3” in length. Our Radial’s will consume most types of standard aquarium food including pellets and frozen mysis. Males can be distinguished from females by a cluster of subtle bristles on each side of the base of their tail.  These amazing little fish can drastically change their color and pattern in seconds depending on their mood or environment, ranging from cream to green, with and without stripes or blotches.

Xenia is not required, they are perfectly at home amongst the branches of other soft corals, Goniopora and even within the branches of stony corals like Acropora.

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