Our work with this fish began nearly 10 years ago. After the distinct Gladiator characteristics spontaneously appeared within our own production, we started refining body shape, color and pattern to create the truly beautiful specimens you see today. A Premium Grade specimen of the ORA Gladiator, is the result of crossing only fish with the most remarkable patterns.We have found these elegant stripe designs to be far more variable than even the Picasso clownfish (A. percula) markings. Elsewhere in the aquarium hobby, Gladiators have also been described as DaVinci or Fancy ocellaris.

ORA Gladiators are available in two grades: Gladiator and Premium Gladiator

When a Gladiator exhibits four or more markings that differentiate the fish from a wild-type Ocellaris, that Gladiator is considered a Premium Gladiator.  In addition to potentially possessing a combination of any four of the unique markings found in the Gladiator grade fish, Premium Gladiators may also possess the namesake helmet head pattern, which is highly desirable and not a commonly encountered trait at this stage in our production.  A Premium Gladiator may or may not have symmetrical pattern on both sides.  In general, a Premium Gladiator has significantly more aberrant white pattern than a Gladiator.

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