Coral Smoothie™ Oyster Delight™ is the second in the line of Coral Smoothie™ products from AlgaGen that offer great value, high quality ingredients and convenience.  Oyster Delight™ is made from fresh Florida oysters and contains oyster reproductive tissue, oyster eggs and hydrolyzed vegetable protein.  It is a great food for many Soft, Large Polyp and Small Polyp Stony Corals.  Oyster Delight™ is rich in Essential Fatty Acids and proteins critical to healthy marine organisms.

Oyster Delight™ comes with an applicator tip that, once cut, will enable the user to spot feed simply by inserting the bottle into the tank; then point and feed. Oyster Delight has a 6 month shelf life but needs to be refrigerated after opening. It is not a live product.

Available in 8 and 16 ounce sizes.