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ORA Aquaculture Fish

ORA is the largest aquaculture facility of ornamental marine life in the US. Producing over fifty species and varieties of fish perfectly suited for the community reef aquarium.

Grown year round under the Florida sunshine, ORA corals are proven to be vibrant, robust and reef tank ready. We have corals for every aquarist skill level.

ORA Aquacultured Clams

From our Micronesian farm halfway around the world, ORA clams arrive with an incredible variety of colors and patterns. Start your beautiful collection today.

From our Micronesian farm halfway around the world, to our Florida facility in Fort Pierce, ORA is dedicated to culturing a variety of reef safe invertebrates for any size aquarium.

Several species of Macroalgae are cultured at our facility. Grown outdoors in open water systems, an air-generated method of tumbling the algae  is employed to culture them.

ORA Gear

Purchase ORA Gear direct and experience an exclusive line of ORA clothing, artwork and more! There is something for everyone with or without an aquarium.

About us

Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums (ORA®) produces aquacultured saltwater fish, invertebrates, and live aquarium foods for the marine aquarium hobby. The ORA hatchery complex is located at Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Campus in Ft. Pierce, Florida. ORA is the largest marine ornamental hatchery in North America and we are constantly developing new techniques to bring the finest captive bred specimens to environmentally conscientious aquarists throughout the world. Aquacultured marine life is the only alternative to wild caught fish and invertebrates for aquariums.

ORA fish help you avoid the uncertainty of capture, handling, transport, and disease associated with wild caught fish. Our fish are raised in an aquarium environment from the time they are born and therefore are exceedingly hardy as aquarium inhabitants. ORA sells fish grown to full size and whose color is as vivid as that seen on the reef. Through the use of a special nutritionally balanced diet the color and vitality of ORA fish is unsurpassed in the field of aquaculture.

ORA’s mission is to research and produce, through aquaculture, species of saltwater fish and invertebrates for the marine aquarium trade. ORA is committed to providing the modern marine aquarist healthy and attractive alternatives to wild caught specimens. ORA aquacultured species help conserve coral reefs and gives aquarium hobbyists a better chance of success.

Ultimately, ORA’s goal is to provide a full range of aquacultured products that will ultimately lead to the 100% aquacultured reef aquarium. This is our commitment to help ensure the future of the hobby as well as conserve the natural reef environment. You can read about some of our other conservation projects here.

Celebrating 25-Years in Aquaculture

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